Exactly how do you rip me off

As this primarily is a hobby, and not a business, I´ve disabled all electronic payment options and only kept cash on delivery. What this really means is that if you´re interested in a jersey you can still place an order, but I´ll get back to you manually regarding the payment details. For Swedish customers I prefer Swish and for customers abroad I accept PayPal.

That jersey is ridiculously overpriced

Yeah, maybe that’s because I really don’t want to sell it. On the other hand, some big bucks may make me change my mind.

I can’t add the jersey to my cart

Then it’s not for sale dude.

What about shipping rates

The prices below are for one jersey. If buying more than one it’s probably not, but might be, more expensive.

  • Sweden – starting at 10 Euro depending on insurance value
  • Europe – starting at 20 Euro, depending on insurance value
  • US & Canada – starting at 20 Euro depending on insurance value

What if my parcel gets lost

I use DHL or Postnord and only send parcels you can track and that are insured.

Can I trust you

If you’re having doubts in dealing with me it can be good to know I have been active on both eBay (as tragic-hero) and Tradera (as Tragic-Hero) for some 13 years by now.