Store or show off

So, is this a store where you actually can buy stuff or is it just a way for a Swedish hockey fan to show off? Well I would say a little bit of both.

Or to be totally honest it all started with me looking for a WordPress theme to organize my jerseys online. As I didn’t find any gallery themes that really fit my purpose, a friend suggested me to install an ecommerce theme.

And boom, that just hit the spot! I could get my jerseys organized online and even set a value on each and every of them.

So yes, this is my personal collection and not really a shop, but I would still consider selling every single jersey, if the price is right that is.

The collection

Back in they days I started collecting jerseys from the club close to where I grew up, Olofströms IK in the Swedish division 2. Some years later I added Växjö Lakers, SHL, and players that represent or have represented them.

Nowadays I can buy a jersey just because it is a good looking one or because it is a player I like.